Cross Border Corporate Development
Source deals with US investors, channels, partners & customers
Lean and effective cross border structures
Increase cross border deal flow
Cross disciplinary skills and talent

Lean Legal

/Lean Legal and Cross Border Corporate Development for Canadian Entrepreneurs

Lean Legal

We know your pains. We have created companies, pitches, decks for investors, term sheets, and more. We structure you lean and effectively from the outset.

Lean Startup Focused

Deal Maker

We leverage cloud services like Docracy, Dropbox, Clio, Freshbooks and others. We get deals done. We keep our structures and documents efficient and flexible.

Cloud-based Legal Services

Cross Border

We like to help early stage Canadian entrepreneurs target and close deals with cross border investors, partners, customers and marketplaces.

Border Hacks

Tools & Metrics

We work with cutting edge technology partners and resources to help you measure and monitor your growth. Engage, test, refine, repeat.

Tools and Metrics
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What people are saying..
  • Robb is a creative thinker and an articulate, capable legal and management professional. I am impressed by his skills and his integrity generally,and in particular, his strong commitment to sustainability. I look forward to working with him again.
    Michael Barkusky, Economics Accounting & Finance
  • Robb did a great job building mindshare for Genability, no easy task when there are no simliar products on the market. He is a hard worker and committed to energy efficiency. I learned a great deal from him he was a tremendous asset.
    John Tucker, Product Manager at Genability
  • I had the opportunity to work with Robb recently on the implementation of lean startup meets cleantech, (Cleanweb) weekend in Vancouver. Robb was very diligent and thorough in his preparations for the event. He secured great sponsors, helped attract a diverse audience and led with humility. I look forward to a future collaboration with him in the cleantech/lean startup arena.
    Boyd Cohen, Professor & Smart Cities guru
  • Robb brings a singular, focused and determined perspective to every project he is involved in. He helped Genability engage, communicate and negotiate with potential partners and customers in that all important step of bringing our first products to the market. His knowledge of smart energy, efficiency, renewables and the law was a big help for us.
    Jason Riley, CEO & Founder, Genability
  • Robb's advice has been invaluable to our team. He understood our business quickly and made great observations from the outset. Not only does he understand law and commerce, he understands it from a lean tech startup's point of view. His expertise with negotiation helped us navigate our reseller discussions. We would recommend him as an invaluable asset to any level of business not just tech startups
    Jonathan Hawkes, Co-Founder, MiCasa Online
  • Brandtree began working with Robb a week after our launch. He has brought focus and quality to our team.  Robb has helped Brandtree leap forward in establishing channel partnerships and an inbound marketing program. He has strategic insight, and is willing to roll up his sleeves and execute. I've enjoyed working with him.    
    Anthony Nicalo, CEO & Founder, Brandtree
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